M1: 22 June 2019 - Hathern

There were four of us on the course which was a nice number. We were also really pleased to welcome two visitors from Germany, Winifred & Sheila, who were visiting family here. They joined us for lunch and for one of the practical sessions. Winifred is currently building his own dumb bell in Germany & hoping to teach local school children to ring.

Well I’m sure none of us knew what to expect but we all wanted to be able to improve our teaching skills. We weren’t disappointed. Each step was taught broken down into small steps in a manner that minimised any risk to the learner. I got the impression that a learner would be relatively comfortable with these steps and barely realise they were making good progress.

We learnt how they can ring a bell and raise and lower it.

We were also taken through the process of learning to teach in small steps - but we learnt masses, as evidenced by the levels of tiredness at the end of the day. Learning this technique was highly enjoyable and always professional.

I have left the course confident that I can teach in a safe, positive and efficient manner and in helping a learner to progress with a quality technique. Now it just leaves me to put this into practice!

Dianne Stewart

Course Tutor: Moira Johnson

Teaching Bell Handling

Practical advice for teachers, right from the first lesson.

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