M1: 23 Apr 2016 - South Petherton

The day started promptly at 9.30 with a friendly atmosphere and intensity that was maintained throughout the teaching sessions. Fortunately the course was well structured and Graham was able to explain everything simply and in detail showing his thorough understanding and enthusiasm for sharing good teaching practice. After things were explained and demonstrated we were given ample time to practice them both as teacher and pupil whilst Graham gave feedback. The techniques shared were excellent in allowing the teacher to stay in control of the learning conditions to increase both the teacher's and student's confidence. They also allow a gradual assimilation of all the skills required to handle the bell efficiently so students can experience success throughout the learning process. I think the most important lesson of the day was the atmosphere that Graham cultivated which was consistently entertaining and positive, allowing everyone to be relaxed and comfortable to make mistakes without judgement.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day having had made some good friends and learned a great deal. The food was excellent too and well timed to stop me being too sleepy in the afternoon! I am looking forward to using my new skills and a big thank you to Graham and all that helped support and organise such a fantastic course.

Robert Livsey


Course Tutor: Graham Nabb

Teaching Bell Handling

Practical advice for teachers, right from the first lesson.

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