M1: 28 January 2023 - Butterwick

I have recently been on an ART Module 1 Course at Butterwick in Lincolnshire. Directions from Peterborough a 1-hour drive, “go to Boston turn right and stop before the sea”.

The course was both instructive and enjoyable, an intensive full day.

We watched videos and did partner work helping each other. After the how do you ring and teach safety, we went through the very basics of showing how to tie a rope tail all the way to recovering a dropped rope. The course built, bit by bit, instilling a sense of confidence that can be taken away and practiced and used. There will be follow up work to get accreditation, including an assessed lesson.

I strongly recommend this course for anyone wanting to start teaching and help continue our ancient art of ringing.

My thanks to our expert teacher Moira Johnson and Jo French our generous host at Butterwick - near world’s end!

Julian Burton

Course Tutor: Moira Johnson

Teaching Bell Handling

Practical advice for teachers, right from the first lesson.

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