M1: 4 April 2022 - Barnes

I'd like to thank Lesley and ART for a really good course. The fact that so much of bell handling can be taught with the bell down or only half up, thereby reducing the danger to the stay, was a real revelation and extremely valuable - particularly for my 5 stays learner who I have already volunteered totake on, thanks to you.

Once Lesley had explained them, so many of the techniques appeared to be an application of sound common sense. I'm sure that's not all they were, but instead comprised best practice ideas from a number of sources! But in appearing to derive from common sense, they encouraged me to believe that if I come across a fault that she didn't cover, I ought to be able to work out a way of addressing it. Very encouraging!

Phil Madden

Lesley Boyle adds...

Barnes was an ideal venue for the group of 13 lovely people who gathered together for the Teaching Bellhandling day course. Being rebuilt relatively recently the church has a modern kitchen/dining area and an upstairs room with a large TV screen. So we were treated to a tasty hot lunch in the church kitchen, and homemade cakes in mid morning and afternoon, and we were able to get between theory sessions and practical sessions in no time at all. Thankyou Trisha for such excellent arrangements!

Course Tutor: Lesley Boyle

Teaching Bell Handling

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