M2C: 29 June 2019 - Hathern

I decided to attend the Module 2C course as my learner was doing so well after attending the Module 1 course, that I wanted to be able to confidently take him to the next level of ringing.

We started with some theory on good teaching practices and why bell handling was so important when moving your learner from rounds to method ringing. As with the Module 1 course, there was a mixture of theory and practise. We focused on exercises that would improve the learner's understanding, rope sight and handling, with a variety of small chunk exercises which taught many different skills that would be useful in method ringing. These could eventually be put together by the learner, to enable them to ring their first method without being overwhelmed. The exercises were fun and enjoyable and could keep the most skilled ringers on their toes. I could see this type of teaching would be useful for everyone in the band, and not just the learners.

The theory sessions included how to teach and explain things in different ways, to progress the learner, depending on how they found it easiest to learn. We were also given a pack of all the exercises we had practiced during the module and were able to access additional material online to help us get off to a flying start!

I was really pleased with how the course went and I’m looking forward to seeing my learner progress within our band.

Rebecca Odames

Course Tutor: Moira Johnson

Teaching Elementary Change Ringing

Learn how to teach the skills of change ringing.

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