M2F: 13 July 2019 - Sprotborough

Earlier in the year our whole group had completed the Level 1 Module, and Helen, as always, was fantastic in organising this next training session for us. There were ten of us booked in for the day which started over coffee. Gill told me she had been to Belgium and had found the grave of Private William Marsden from Misson in Tyne Cot Cemetery. She knew that we had rung a quarter peal (half muffled on 29th January 2017) so took a photograph for us to pass on to any remaining family.

Then the real work began. First up was a powerpoint presentation, in which Gill went through the theory with us and recapped some of the learning from Module 1 and the different learning styles.

We then decamped across to the church for some practical learning. Gill got us working in pairs to practice each role of teacher and student, and had us work through exercises to help with bell control, rhythm and listening. For listening, one of us had to ring in rounds with our backs to the room, facing the wall, which really makes you listen to when your bell is striking! There were lots of other fun tasks which helped us work up an appetite, and by lunchtime we were all definitely ready for some food. This was provided by Gail King, who had made the best ever curry. It was also Naomi’s birthday so there was plenty of cake, which as anyone who bell rings will know, is essential.

The afternoon followed the same format and everyone had a very enjoyable day and, more importantly, learned so much. I am going to get my home tower to try and ring 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' before very long. I asked for a couple of quotes from the rest of the team:

“Friendly and pleasant atmosphere with everyone joining in and entering into the spirit and having fun. Lots of new ideas to help with teaching. Excellent fodder to support all the art syllabus for level 2. Gill was organised and efficient and had excellent IT support.” (Graham Hunt)

“We thought it was very well organised, with excellent content, well thought out and put together. The curry was excellent but I fear I am allergic to Graham’s perfume - not his fault!” (Andy Hardy)

To sum it up, we all had a most enjoyable day and all feel that we learned so much. Thank you Gill for your hard work and patience with us all.

James Wood

Course Tutor: Gill Hughes

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