M2F: 14 Oct 2017 - Llantilio Pertholey

On the 14th October a group gathered at Llantilio Pertholey for a day course run by ART (the Association of Ringing Teachers). Almost all of us were from the Monmouth Branch of Llanmon. The Branch subsidised 50% of the course cost of £20 making it a far from expensive day's training. The day comprised a series of presentations followed by practical sessions in the ringing chamber. The group had a mixed level of ability and previous teaching experience. The course was run by Frank Seabright from ART and was entitled "Module2F: Teaching from Rounds to Plain Hunt." We did not just just sit and listen to the presentations but the sessions were very much an interactive activity with a wide exchange of ideas and experiences.

I must admit that before attending, I was a bit sceptical about the value of the course but ended up having a very enjoyable and instructive day. Many new ideas were introduced and put into practice in the practical sessions. At our Abergavenny practices we have already been using what we learned and our learners (who seem happy to be guinea pigs) have been participating in new activities which they are enjoying and learning from.

I would recommend an ART course to anyone who is instructing ringers not just at the bell handling stage but also at the next level of ringing.

I understand that the Association may run a "Module 1: Teaching Bell Handling" course next year and hope to attend if I possibly can. The courses can lead to membership of ART.

Many thanks to Frank for the training, to Matthew for organising the course and an excellent lunch, and to Peter Bennett, Jonathan Lewis and all the other attendees who helped make the day so valuable.

Mike Hoult

"I have been doing my best with the practices at my home tower Llantilio Pertholey, Llantilio Crossenny, Grosmont and Skenfrith. Most of these ringers were taught before I went on the course but I am trying to iron out a few of their bad habits, as well as being able to ring up and down with confidence.

I have recently had 16 turn up at Grosmont, it seems slow but improving.

I also have a new beginner who is 70 and lives local to Pertholey. We are doing on-to-one tuition with my wife in attendance. She has now done 3 hours on a silenced bell and Thursday will be another 1 hour. It's really good to start her from scratch and I am enjoying it.

The other practices we have been doing Kaleidoscope ringing and Pain Hunt, Grandsire, and Bob Doubles with the right people.

Mike and Val help me out from time to time both with the practices and to take over when I am away and I help them with their practices down at Abergavenny."

Gwyn Sayce

Course Tutor: Frank Seabright

Teaching from Rounds to Plain Hunt

Learn how to teach build really good foundation ringing skills in your ringers.

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