M2F: 21 Apr 2018 - Huntsham and Bampton

At 9 am on Saturday 21st April a group of ten of us, ably led by Tutor Les Boyce and supported by Sheila, found ourselves nervously meeting at All Saints Huntsham to discover more about teaching from Rounds to Plain Hunt. Introductions out of the way, we climbed the tower to experience the challenges of standing light-set bells just fitted with new ropes! Ringing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ and setting some bells at backstroke left us in hoots of laughter and the fun side of the day became established.

It proved an excellent challenge for us to experience open handstroke ringing as opposed to closed for the day in order to explore further method ringing. Games such as Lottery and ringing at alternate strokes, together with allowing us to each take a turn at leading an activity in our own individual style, made for variety and interest throughout the day.

Unwrapping the mysteries of the complex language we use when teaching learners was of key interest and amusement. “Shorten the tail” being a fatal choice of words if you don’t want your learner to go the opposite way on the rope to the one you as the teacher wish. (Or even the learner thinking you are asking them to cut off the tail end!)

Following a delicious lunch at The Bridge House in Bampton, we all sauntered over the road to spend the afternoon at St Michael’s (slightly heavier bells, but with pre-stretched ropes). Sheila’s tea and home-made cake kept us going through Kaleidoscope skills and the Mexican wave!

Apart from making new friends, the day enabled us to extol the virtues of ART becoming a well-recognised and successful way of teaching Call Changes and Plain Hunt in the East Devon area. Thanks to Les and Sheila for allowing this to happen, and for leaving us with a feeling of “what a great day we’ve had”.

Jane and Nigel Pridmore

Course Tutor: Les Boyce

Teaching from Rounds to Plain Hunt

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