M2F: 23 Jul 2016 - Bradford

Module 2F - World Premiere in Bradford!

But not Bradford as, perhaps, most people know it. This was a small hamlet in the west of Devon near Holsworthy with a delightful ring of 6! The occasion was the first outing for the ART Training Scheme’s new Module 2F: “Teaching from Rounds to Plain Hunt”. Four experienced ringers from Devon, Cornwall and Somerset were joined by two local call change ringers attending as “active observers” and ART Tutor, Les Boyce, to try out a full programme of theory presentations and practical exercises. As the four trainee teachers had plenty of existing practical knowledge which they could share, we treated the occasion as a group seminar and worked through the course materials together. I am pleased to report, though, that at the end of a full day everyone was convinced that it had been a useful and enjoyable course with some participants wanting even longer practical sessions.

So what does Module 2F cover? Well there are three main theory sessions. The first discusses the foundation skills of bell control, listening, rope sight and ringing theory and exercises that can be used to develop these. We then move on to how a band can be built through teamwork and using motivation and personal goals. Finally, we discuss coaching skills and how to work with individual ringers to support them in their ringing. The practical sessions try out suggested ways of teaching new ringers to cope with call changes, exercises to develop physical ringing skills through Kaleidoscope work and finally ways to introduce the new ringer to covering and plain hunt.

So what did the students think of the new course? Here are a couple of their comments:

A thorough and very worthwhile course. All elements appeared totally relevant, although it does make for a very full day!

A wonderful day – very beneficial and my head is full of ideas and plans for our team. And it was fun too!

No one was more pleased (and relieved) with the outcome than I was as Tutor!

Les Boyce

Course Tutor: Leslie Boyce

Teaching from Rounds to Plain Hunt

Learn how to teach build really good foundation ringing skills in your ringers.

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