M2F: 27 Apr 19 - Downham

A very successful Module 2F course was held at St Margaret’s Church, Downham as part of the ART Training Scheme on Saturday 27th April on a rather wet and windy day.

With a wide range of teaching experience across the group, 8 ringers keen to learn more were greeted by David Sparling, our tutor for the day.

The course enabled all to consider how new skills could be taught in different ways, through breaking down the elements involved in each skill, from handling and listening skills to rounds and plain hunt.

The day worked well alternating between theory and practical sessions with regular tea breaks, practising skills through exercises that could be differentiated to suit the different experience levels of ringers found in most towers.

The sessions provided fun and interesting exercises to engage new and experienced ringers to use in regular practice sessions and to provide variety and interest for all. The activities could challenge even those who have rung for a number of years to think about their own ringing, handling and listening skills.

During the day it was good to be able to talk to others and share experiences, situations and practices that have worked well either as a learner or as a teacher. Most importantly as a teacher and coach how vital it is to build an inclusive team atmosphere in the ringing chamber so that all feel comfortable to talk and share their worries and successes and feel willing always to have a go and give new things a try with support and encouragement.

Thank you to David for leading the day and for all who took part.

Amanda Beggs

Course Tutor: David Sparling

Teaching from Rounds to Plain Hunt

Learn how to teach build really good foundation ringing skills in your ringers.

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