M2F: 3 September 2022 - Thorley

I have been ringing at Great Tey for about 8 years, and prior to that at Prittlewell and Leigh-on-Sea in the late 80s and early 90s. I recently attended an ART M1 Bell Handling Course and then decided to follow up with the M2F course, as we have several learners at our tower, who are moving from rounds to call changes and then onto hunting.

I gained so much confidence from the M1 Bell Handling Course and found that bringing these new skills back to the tower has made a world of difference to our group of learners.

On the M2F we had a number of practical and theory sessions during the day, including lots of opportunities to discuss the challenges of teaching ringing effectively and to practice group exercises to develop listening, ropesight and bell handling skills. These will also be useful,not just for our learners, but for the whole of our band back at Great Tey.

The exercises are designed to develop the skills to ring at different speeds. This also included some to develop the skills to ring and call changes, ringing big change - little change, kaleidoscope ringing, Mexican Wave and then onto Plain Hunt on 2 bells and more, in methods such as Bastow Minimus, Cloisters Doubles and Penultimus Doubles.

It was a day full of information and inspiration from David Sparling who is an extremely experienced teacher. It was also lovely to meet and discuss the challenges of teaching ringing with people from other towers.

A very big thank you to David, Claire May (local organiser) and ART for providing another excellent training day.

Sarah Knights

Course Tutor: David Sparling

Teaching from Rounds to Plain Hunt

Learn how to teach build really good foundation ringing skills in your ringers.

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