M2: 11 Oct 2014 - Bardwell

A very instructive, yet very enjoyable, day was spent by 20 “experienced” ringers with the aim of coaching learners into the beginnings of change ringing, meaning those competent at call changes to move onward. The ideas demonstrated were simple, but very effective in introducing Plain Hunting on 3, 4, 5 and 6. All delegates participated in all the procedures, with the intention of coaching the learner into moving onward eventually to more complicated “stuff” like Grandsire.

It shows how much can be achieved by “thinking outside the box” so to speak, and instead of teaching the whole skills at once, the better way is to break it up into achievable “bits”, and once one “bit” is mastered, then moving on to the next. It also demonstrates how learning can still be “fun” and made interesting to the learner, as is essential in this day and age.

The point was made that, as in all of these kind of things, practice is essential to reinforce the ideas suggested. Observation skills can be improved by watching what happens in other practices, outings, meetings etc. It was also made clear that the best bellringing practice will be planned beforehand, with the clear aim of making sure everyone leaves the tower having felt they have achieved something, even those that don’t really want to progress further but are happy just ringing what they know-we often forget these people need to “feel good” too!

A very positive and interesting day-and still much more work to do, but we can do it!

Martin Kitson


Course Tutor

Graham Nabb

Teaching Elementary Change Ringing

Learn how to teach the skills of change ringing.

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