The Learning the Ropes Level 5 Achievement Award - Sophie Keeble


Sophie started learning to ring at Harborne in Birmingham during the school summer holidays in 2014. She was enrolled on to the ART Learning the Ropes scheme from the outset and completed the programme at the end of July 2016. She has become an integral part of our local band at Harborne, regularly ringing for services on Sundays, weddings, attending our weekly practice and involving herself in tower social events. She does get out and about to other practices from time to time, but school and commitments to other activities make these occasional visits rather than regular commitments. After completing the 5 LtR Levels, she has moved with relative ease on to ringing on higher numbers, comfortably extending Grandsire Doubles to Triples. The confidence has now spurred her on to attending Sunday service ringing at Birmingham Cathedral, where she is getting opportunities to ring on higher numbers.

Sophie’s achievements to date:

  • 15 quarter peals
  • LtR Level 5 – July 2016
  • LtR Plus – Doubles module
  • LtR Plus - Triples module
  • LtR Plus - Calling First Quarter Peal module

Sophie has shown herself to be a capable ringer with considerable promise. Since attaining Level 5 her further achievements have come thick and fast and deserve recognition.

Quarter peals

Plain Bob Doubles x 4 – two for personal development and two for the development of others
Grandsire Doubles x 3 – one as conductor
St Simon’s Bob Doubles (inside)
Plain Bob Minor x 3
St Clements College Bob Minor (treble)
Cambridge Surprise Minor (treble)
Grandsire Triples x 2

Sophie is well on her way to becoming an accomplished ringer. She has had the advantage of ringing with a well established band and people who are dedicated to helping others develop their ringing skills. However, most of the credit for Sophie’s progress should go to Sophie herself. She applies herself diligently to the task of learning and is highly motivated to succeed. But, in addition to these admirable qualities she recognises that ringing is a team activity and so takes full part in her local ringing scene, whether it is for her own development or for the development of others.

Sophie has not reached her potential by any means. She has the capability to go far and her motivation is not in doubt. She certainly has the potential to take on a leadership role should she decide to go to university and we will be encouraging her to develop those skills in tandem with her ringing skills.

The Learning the Ropes Achievement Awards


Winner: Sophie Keeble