The Learning the Ropes Achievement Award - Daniel Hughes


Daniel Hughes is a young ringer from St Mary’s Addington, Surrey. Daniel started ringing in January 2015. Since gaining his Learning the Ropes L1 award in August 2016 he rapidly rose through the stages to achieve L5 in March 2018. Daniel has become a very valuable member not only at Addington but other local towers. He will readily conduct and even compose new variations. Daniel’s recent achievements and his dedication to the local ringing area is an inspiration. He will happily assist other ringers alongside the rapid development in his own method ringing.


Despite his many other interests, particularly in the early days of learning to ring, Daniel has taken to ringing really well. Once he achieved his LtR Level 1 his enthusiasm increased and he quickly progressed through to LtR Level 5, which was a great achievement. He has since accelerated his development in method ringing including achieving more than 25 quarter peals this year, which includes recently rung quarter peals in multi-Surprise Major and Royal methods.

Daniel has had an increasing amount of encouragement from his father, Jason Hughes, who has introduced him to more experienced ringers and towers nearby. He is very attentive and is able to grasp new methods readily and is now taking an interest is method composition. Whilst a regular ringer at Addington, Daniel also represents the Surrey Youth band and is beginning to be more involved with the organisation of the youth team activities.

The Future

Even at this young age Daniel is happy to assist more mature ringers whenever required and does so tactfully. Being a young teenager he has the potential to become a leading ringer. He has an enthusiastic attitude and readily assists in the teaching of new members of the band.

This year Daniel has progressed from Plain Doubles methods through Minor to Stedman Caters and the standard Surprise Major and Royal methods.

Sponsored by the Ancient Society of College Youths

Winner: Jimmy Yeoman

Highly Commended: Daniel Hughes