Learning The Ropes: Contribution Award

Runner Up: Katie Havenhand

Katie began ringing in May 2018 after a visit up the tower at Doncaster Minster. Katie was a loyal church member and together with her husband they were servers in the Minster Services.

Katie was a quiet, shy recruit who soon came into her own once she mastered handling a bell and went on to be keen and eager to learn taking on the the learning the ropes scheme completing her LTR Level 5 and 50 Ringing Things achieving her Gold and Gold Plus.

Katie quickly advanced through to change ringing, rang her first quarter peal, conducted a quarter peal and began to help with teaching others. She had a natural way with other ringers of all ages and joined in everything I organised waiting to help out. Katie loved to ring and was always first to have her name down for visits to other towers and on outings. Her main fear was ladders but with support she has overcome her fears now climbing on bell frames to fit ropes and do maintenance without a second thought.

Katie has recently taken on the role of Tower Captain at Conisbrough following the retirement of the previous Tower Captain, she is a committee member for both the Doncaster Society and the Yorkshire Association. Katie completed Module 1, completing her accreditation by teaching several new ringers to handle a bell with some achieving their own LtR certificates.

Katie is a great support to me, our local teaching team, maintenance team and our local society as she is always there to give support when needed. Katie has been part of the team who have taken on silent towers in our area, cleaning the belfry, doing any maintenance and repairs necessary, sorting out ringing rooms and helping teach new recruits to make sure the bells would ring out after years of silence. Katie has overcome her fears of heights and ladders and can fit and alter bellropes without fear.

Katie has overcome some personal situations in her life with the support of other ART teachers, mentors and ringers from our local area. Katie never gave up and puts everything in to her ringing, has made an excellent teacher and a very popular tower captain.

Sponsored by the Ancient Society of College Youths


Winner: Darren Swancott

Runners Up: Wendy Archibald, Tilly Cooper, Katie Havenhand and Cathy Neyland

Nominated by: Helen Nichols