Recruitment & retention successes

At the end of the ART Conference people were asked to note down what had worked for them. A summary of the comments is below – those in bold type are those which were repeated most often.

Recruitment Successes

  • Charismatic ringers ‘talking the talk’
  • Schools involvement 9 to 11 year olds – open days and clubs
  • Social media & web sites
  • Personal contact – harness community spirit
  • Good PR in local media & newspapers
  • Banners
  • Taster sessions (mini rings or in tower)
  • Posters & leaflets
  • Bring a friend days (kids recruit kids)
  • Get people to come and try as part of donation to a charity event e.g. Children in Need
  • D of E challenges

Retention Critical Issues & Successes

  1. Structured learning – ‘Learning the Ropes’
  2. Courses and target practices at all levels
  3. Joint young ringers sessions – with other groups
  4. Social activities & events (pub)
  5. Friendly welcome and group – team spirit
  6. Ensure challenged but not overstretched
  7. Make it all FUN
  8. Goals to achieve – however small
  9. Something new learned or different every week
  10. Plan their learning and support needs as required
  11. Intensive initial training (a few weeks or less) and coaching to ensure competent handling
  12. Visits to other towers
  13. Use social media email to follow up and get them to feel involved
  14. Chocolates
  15. Modern, tidy & welcoming environment
  16. Involvement with group in other (social) ways
  17. Open honest feedback
  18. Good standards seen and encouraged
  19. Recognition of progress by certificates and made public
  20. Remember people learn in different ways and progress at different speeds
  21. Striking competitions – interaction with other bands

What's next?

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