Appealing to existing ringers moving into the area

Ask yourself “If I was moving into a new area, where would I look to find out about ringing and what would I be looking for?”

Contact details

Make sure the tower contact details and practice times are up to date on your local website, Guild or Association web pages and on Dove’s Guide.

Website and social media presence

Have an attractive website which emphasises different aspects of the band such as your ringing achievements and the social side.

Your ringing

Experienced ringers will stand outside and listen. Is what you’re doing attractive? Have at least one piece of ringing that is about performance – no method mistakes and concentrate on the striking.

Your practice

Welcome visitors and invite them to join you at the next social event, be it the pub after the practice or coffee in the church. Show that you’re a teaching tower. Many experienced ringers will prefer a good teaching practice where standards are set and ringers are taught well to a more advanced practice with few standards and little teaching.


Maintain the profile of the band by publishing articles in the Ringing World and local ringing and church newsletters.

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