Ringing with friends from far away

It’s no secret I’m quite busy with various ringing projects at the moment, one of the unexpected benefits of virtual ringing is that I can see my friends who live far away.

My connection with my Cheshire friends goes back a long way, when I first met Neil, my husband, one of our first trips away was a ringing tour with his tower grabbing chums from Cheshire. We used to camp in church halls, ring at numerous towers and visit pubs. As we ‘grew up’ the weekends turned into ringing holidays, mainly to Devon. The friendships have continued with Christmas holidays and stays in Norfolk and Cheshire.

While I was clanging away with the Clanging Belles, the Cheshire ringers were meeting in the park and ringing for services at Grappenhall, then came the tier system followed by lockdown.

Sunday afternoons we now come together on Zoom and Ringing Room where we can chat and attempt to ring on Ringing Room and Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings we have invaluable support from Graeme with our Ringing Remembers recruits. The Ringing Remembers Recruits have made huge progress thanks to those who are there to help.

How exciting! We even managed a few quarter peals.

Ringing Room (North Burlingham, Stroud, Lymm, Warrington, Grappenhall)
Sunday, 22 November 2020 in 44m
Plain Bob Minor

1–2 Nikki Thomas

3 C Phillip Hope

4 Graeme A Littler

5 Iain D Scott

6 Nicholas Thomson (C)

First quarter in Ringing Room for 3, 4 & 6

Ringing Room UK (Stroud, Grappenhall, North Burlingham & Lymm)
Sunday, 3 January 2021
1344 Plain Bob Major

1–2 C Phillip Hope

3–4 Nicholas Thomson

5–6 Nikki Thomas (C)

7–8 Graeme A Littler

Ringing Room UK (Reedham, Norwich, North Burlingham & Lymm)
Thursday, 14 January 2021
1344 Plain Bob Major

1–2 Mary P Jones

3–4 Catherine Sturgess

5–6 Nikki Thomas (C)

7–8 Graeme A Littler

First of Major for 1-2 and first of Major in hand for 3-4.

The last of these three quarters we had Graeme supporting the Clanging Belles!!


Nikki Thomas, Norfolk