Opportunities to practise

If you find the thought of ringing a bell again frightening then please don't let this put you off joining your band when you can ring again. Instead look or ask for an opportunity to ring a bell on your own with a supportive and experienced ringer with you who can help out if things go wrong. Ringers who have lapsed for many years report that ringing a bell is really like riding a bicycle – once you've learned how then you don't forget, however particularly if you're a relatively new ringer this won't be reassuring or perhaps even the case.


If you'd like a go then why not contact one of your nearby ringing simulators and ask them to have a go. The simulator map will allow you to find a nearby simulator and organise a one-on-one session prior to ringing at your home tower. Don't be reticent, everyone wants to help as many ringers as possible return to ringing.

As the return to ringing approaches, we will be contacting simulator installations and asking them if they can host return to ringing events. This information will be added to the installation map.