Photograph Policy

The Association of Ringing Teachers Members like to take pictures/videos to publicise events, illustrate activities and provide a memento for those taking part.

Occasionally videos may be used as a teaching technique.

We accept that there may be children who would prefer not to be included in pictures/video or for some reason might be inappropriate for them to appear. Therefore, we will always ask permission for each activity, seeking agreement from parents/carers where activities involve children.

In addition, our leaders will remind participants, including children and youths, who wish to take their own photographs or mobile phone images NOT to take pictures without the permission of those involved. We will also remind everyone that images of other people should not be posted on ART social media accounts without permission, and that they must be careful not to take pictures that could be deemed to be insulting or indecent, whether or not the person involved gives permission.

Images may be used on the ART website, ART social media accounts, ART WORKS and email newsletters, the Ringing World, local newspapers etc. but will not be electronically shared with other individuals. Personal details of children must not be divulged but they may be identified by their first name only.

Where video is used for training it will only be done in the presence of a parent or carer and will be deleted at the same session also in their presence.

Last Modified: May 2017

Last Reviewed: May 2017

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