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It wasn’t long ago that a group of new ringers were ringing rounds for the Platinum Jubilee at Wendron in Cornwall. Their Tower Captain Bob Woods had looked around after Covid restrictions had been lifted and didn’t like what he found – very few towers had returned to anything like their level of ringing of 2019, and some towers hadn’t even returned at all. With great determination and support from other local ringers, Bob set about recruiting and teaching, with the aim of having a band to ring rounds at Wendron for the Platinum Jubilee, which they achieved

A mere few months later, they had an even more important job to do – to ring in mourning for the death of Her Majesty, to ring in joy for the proclamation of King Charles lll and then, with thousands around the country, to ring solemnly on the day of the State Funeral on September 19. So many new ringers have taken part in this important moment in history, and also have the prospect of a Coronation to ring for in May 2023. Well done to everyone who contributed during a period of time where bells provided a historic soundscape for everyone, not just in the UK but around the world. They undoubtedly will do so again in May 2023.

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Alongside its regular features, the November 2022 edition of Tower Talk includes:

  • Ringing for the late Queen and new King
  • Beginnings and Ending
  • Mourning HM the Queen in Scotland
  • A Day at a Festival
  • Puzzle Corner
  • The Lucky Seven
  • New Ringers at Sampford Brett
  • The Advanced Call Change Scheme
  • Inaugural North West Ringing Course
  • Being Socially Responsible
  • I Only Went to Have a Look
  • Without a Vision
  • The LtR Masterclass
  • The ART Awards are back
  • Muffles: Practice for a Solemn Duty

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Ruth Suggett

Editor, Tower Talk