Change to ART Training Scheme Regulations

Correcting an inconsistency in the ART Training Scheme Regulations, we propose to make a minor change to section 5.1, which covers ART Tutors. This removes the existing requirement for a Tutor to have been accredited at both Modules and to be a Full Member, allowing the appointment of tutors who only wish to tutor one of the modules.

Revised Section 5.1

Tutors will be selected from Members and be appointed after satisfactory completion of training on the decision of the Management Committee. They will tutor on only the Modules previously attended.

The proposed Tutor:

  • Will attend two each of the Modules on which they will tutor.
  • Will have achieved accreditation at the Modules which they will tutor and be an ART Member.
  • Will run, that is organise and lead, a course in each of the Modules on which they will tutor with an existing Tutor attending.
  • After each course in each module, feedback will be given to the prospective Tutor. The proposed Tutor will be required to demonstrate effective presentation and communication skills. The existing Tutor will make a recommendation to the Management Committee prior to the Committee making their decision.

All Tutors:

  • Will be appointed for a 5 year term.
  • Will attend, or jointly run, courses in alternate years, of other Tutors in the Modules they are themselves teaching, to re-appraise their own tutoring, give feedback to other tutors and support consistency.
  • May be re-appointed by the Management Committee for a further term.

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