ART is developing a series of workshops that supplement the ART Training Scheme modules or allow ringers to develop new skills. These workshops do not lead to accreditation or ART membership; they develop stand-alone educational or ringing skills.

Mentor Development Workshop

Module 1 Course

This two hour interactive workshop aims to increase the awareness of the mentoring process and to help ART Teaching Scheme mentors develop their skills not only as teachers, but as those responsible for bringing on the next generation of teachers. There is opportunity to discuss various aspects of mentoring and the attributes which make a successful mentor.

The concept of using mentors to support those ringers who wish to teach is fundamental to the ART Teaching Scheme. The role of the mentor is an extremely important one and good mentoring will improve uptake of the Scheme and accreditation rates amongst teachers.

The workshop is suitable not only for mentors, but for existing ART Teaching Scheme Teachers who would like to find out more about mentoring and supporting others who are working towards accreditation.

Calling Plain Bob Doubles


A half-day introduction to calling Bob Doubles. After the workshop you should be able to call touches of Bob Doubles and understand how to plan and call a quarter peal. The workshop delves into:

  • the responsibilities of the conductor
  • terminology
  • how touches are written out
  • how touches work
  • calling positions
  • calling from any bell
  • planning a quarter peal

The workshop is open to ringers able to ring touches of Bob Doubles confidently.

Conducting Workshop

Module 2 Course

This half day workshop uses Plain Bob Minor as the base method for explaining how the derivation of coursing orders can be used to understand how touches work, how standard touches are applicable to other methods, and how the coursing order can be used to check ringing and potentially correct mistakes. Specifically the workshop covers:

  • Writing out, learning and choosing touches
  • Calling Bobs and Singles – where to make the call
  • Calling from a non-observation bell
  • Checking the bells are right and ringing your own bell correctly

The workshop is open to ringers able to ring touches of Bob Minor confidently, and ideally other methods as well but this is not essential. It is ideal for people who can call touches, maybe even quarter peals, but don’t really understand in any depth what the calls are doing.

» Why not read the write-up on the SmART Ringer blog to find out more?

Want to attend a workshop?

If you think one of these workshops is right for you, you can book a place online. All upcoming workshops are shown on the SmART Ringer website and you can book a place online or request one in your area if none are nearby.

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Workshops may have minimum entry requirements so make sure you check them out on SmART Ringer before applying.