Facebook for bell ringers

Getting started

  • Set up your own Facebook account (page) and spend a few hours familiarising yourself with it.
  • Use the search bar to find your interest groups and pages.
  • Then you need to think about whether you want a Facebook page or a group.

Facebook is not a replacement for your database of email addresses etc. Email lists continue to be the most stable way (less affected by popularity whims) to connect to your ringers.

Facebook etiquette

  • Have fun.
  • Be authentic (people aren’t fools they know instinctively when you’re not being real).
  • Don’t re-post anything until you have double checked authenticity.
  • Spelling and grammar, spelling and grammar, spelling and grammar.
  • Do not get dragged into an argument or be defensive, silence is golden, or take a deep breath and take the corporate stance.
  • Be nice.
  • Think twice.

And finally. Oh yes … have fun.

Facebook pages

Pages are outward looking and connect to the wider world

Network with other bell ringing and news related pages by pressing the ‘LIKE’ button. You can then choose any page and see who they in turn LIKE and then ‘LIKE’ them too! For example the W&P have ‘LIKED’ many facets of ringing life and publicity opportunities: English Heritage, Avon Ropes, Association of Ringing Teachers, Central Council, Doves Guide, Tulloch Ringing Centre, BBC South Today, Winchester Cathedral and loads of other Cathedrals, Belfree Wireless Systems.

When you write a post and mention your ‘LIKED’ pages they will highlight and automatically connect to them. This is great PR for an event or recruitment push. Do go to your newsfeed and ‘LIKE' and share others posts if you think they are relevant. You can find and access to it on the right hand side of your Home page.

REMEMBER that you need to post fun items of news just to break up the infomercials.

LASTLY photos, memes, GIFs, videos, web-links all add character and get more ‘shares’.

Facebook groups

Groups are inward looking and more like a club that people have to ask to join or as an administrator you can invite them

Visibility to the outside world is set by the persons running the group. Some are set to ‘secret’ e.g. family groups where family photos, stories and pictures of grandchildren are shared to keep distant relatives in the loop. Some groups have the running comments visible but not the members (this makes outside searching for your group easier too) and others only have their names visible (still searchable).

Information and questions pertinent to your interest group is contained. Perfect for advertising practice nights, tower outings and shouts for help with weddings.

To see an example, why not ask to join the WinPortBellringers so that you can see everything that is being posted. For security you will probably be asked which tower you are affiliated to.

Please encourage others to post their news and pictures to stop the feed from becoming ‘stodgy’ and info laden. Leaving pages and groups unattended and boring turns people off and away. Above all … have fun!

Connecting further

  • Don’t forget to add a link to all your Social Media platforms on ANY AND ALL your correspondences
  • Don’t be shy about asking people to ‘LIKE’ and share your feeds
  • Do say thank-you for the ‘follows and LIKES’ it’s all about being nice

Alison Everett and Deb Baker, CCCBR

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