Successful PR - engaging with your local community

What is Public Relations?

There isn’t really a right or wrong way to do Public Relations (PR), it all depends on what your aim is as to what PR activity best suits. Here are some strategies that have developed over time that you might find useful.

The following suite of webpages are designed to give you bite-sized insights in to how to make the most of PR activities in your tower, area or Association. These ideas are not prescriptive and do not guarantee that you will have the perfect PR plan, but you could take elements of them and expand them for the particular project you are working on. The suite covers:

Public Relations vs marketing – the same thing, right?

Research and goals


Thinking creatively


Which media to use

Keeping in contact

General Principles

Dealing with the Press

Generating buzz

Crisis management

Supporting resources

There are other resources available on the Central Council’s website that you may find useful:

  • Recruitment Leaflet
    • A recruitment leaflet for distribution to the general public.
    • Printed copies are available on request
  • Tower Open Day poster
    • To be used for promotion of tower open days
  • Porch Notice
    • Display essential information about ringing at your tower
  • Engaging with the Public
    • Useful information for engaging the public with ringing and ringing-related activity taking place
  • Publicity Flyer: ‘Bell Ringing is fun and …’
    • This leaflet was produced by Sue Hall originally for the Derby DA and is downloadable and customisable