Where can I get help?

You're not on your own – there will be others who are facing the same problems as you. We will be exploring how support and help can be given to tower captains with the Recovery Champions.

Local recovery champion

To coordinate the flow of ideas and information, the Central Council and Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) have offered to coordinate a network of Recovery Champions across the country who will focus on recovery planning within the local area. They won’t necessarily be the people doing all the work or dealing with mailing lists; but they will be in the best position to know how that could work in their local area.

Ask social media

If you can't find an answer close to home, then social media might be able to help. There are various Facebook groups that are full of helpful, experienced people:

  • Bellringers – for everyone who enjoys ringing to discuss all things bell ringing.
  • Ringing Teachers – a group for those who teach bell ringing, to share ideas and best practice between ringing teachers; a place to ask for ideas and help each other.
  • Ringing simulator users and suppliers – for simulator users to share their experiences, so that they can benefit from each other, and for suppliers of software, sensor systems etc. to obtain feedback on their products.
  • Bell Ringing Centres – for those involved or interested in the development of centres of ringing excellence to exchange views, raise issues and share experiences to help and assist others.
  • Bell Ringing Recruitment & Retention – aimed at recruitment and retention in bell ringing. Information, ideas, difficulties and successes are mulled over and shared. We ask for encouragement from within our community to help folks move their tower forward with open discussions and a friendly approach.

If you're new to social media, getting involved in groups such as these are a great reason to start using Facebook. You will need to create a Facebook account, but that doesn't mean you have to engage with the whole world. Make your privacy settings as tight as they can be and don't request to make friends or accept friend requests. You are in control.

» Facebook for bell ringers

Useful links

» BellBoard Virtual Ringing Hub

» CCCBR guidelines

» Association of Ringing Teachers

By 31 January 2021, 64 people had volunteered to become Recovery Champions – some of whom are indicated on this map. If you can't find your local Recovery Champion on the map, then please contact Annie Hall and she will be able to match you up.

» Contact Annie