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ART produces and sells a range of educational ringing resources through its on-line shop. New releases include "50 Ringing Things" and "A Ringer's Guide to Learning the Ropes".

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Learning Tips


Learning Tips are a series of articles, covering such topics as: how to learn methods, concentrating, the theory of call changes, techniques for ringing heavy, and light bells and more...

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Method Toolboxes


The toolboxes are aimed at both students and their teachers. Material for ringers is found in the left hand column, whilst that for teachers is in the right hand column. Both will be of interest

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Handbell Resources


Handbell ringing is easier than you may think. It is fun in its own right and much more mentally stimulating than tower bells. These resources are for handbell ringers and their teachers.

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Simulator Resources


The ongoing software development with ringing simulators combined with innovative teaching practices provide an invaluable aid for teachers, novice & experienced ringers .

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Online Learning


An expanding catalogue of online courses which include instructional videos, helpful downloads, interactive quizzes and top tips. For both ringers and their teachers.

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YouTube videos


A great way of exploring the practice of ringing. How do you take coils? What is ropesight and how do you develop it? How do the slider and stay work together?

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SmART Ringer


Some resources are available only to those on the ART Training and Learning the Ropes Schemes. These support and motivate both teachers and ringers as they teach and learn.

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