Organising virtual training courses

Just because there is no ringing doesn't mean that there is no training. Some ringing societies have organised successful virtual training courses. In fact once you've got to terms with the fact that the event doesn't involve real bells and physically meeting, virtual training courses can open up new possibilities such as running sessions multiple times on different days or drawing on expertise and helpers from around the world.

Handy tips

  • Appoint a Zoom expert to organise and look after the technical side of the day. That should be their sole job.
  • Build and communicate back-up plans for people who have technical problems on the day, including a substitute presenter or leader.
  • Offer training on the use of the technology beforehand. Beware of the experienced ringer who is reluctant to ask for help.
  • On booking, collect two modes of communication. There will always be someone who doesn't reply to an important email.
  • Have a separate person to welcome people onto the Zoom sessions who can also answer queries about the technology.
  • Keep online ringing sessions short – a maximum of one hour.
  • Limit the number of students per online ringing session to four.
  • Use breakout rooms for one-on-one coaching – it provides both privacy and confidentiality.
  • Assign mentors to students – buddying up can really help the student.
  • Restrict helpers to one session per day – an hour of Plain Bob Doubles in Ringing Room is much more tiring than in the tower.
  • Plan for safeguarding needs from the beginning.
  • Include talks on softer topics such as the science, heritage and music of ringing to emphasise a sense of community.

What people did

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