Survival and Recovery Toolbox


This toolbox is provided by ART and the Central Council working in partnership. It is a work in progress and if you think we're missing something or have something that you think would be useful to others then please let us know.

What's new


Keeping going

» Keeping in touch with other ringers – what are other people doing?

» Online ringing – product guide

» Online ringing – adding variety to the experience

» Organising virtual training courses

» Handbell ringing

» Ringing for services – making the most of it

» Building good relationships – with the church

» Building good relationships – with the local community

» Ellacombe chimes

Getting fit for ringing

For ringers

» Getting physically fit for ringing – exercises and classes

» Opportunities to practise – before you ring with others

» Confidence building techniques

» Getting back up to speed – learning opportunities

For Tower Captains

» Helping others to feel confident

» I'm a new Tower Captain – help!

» I'm a Tower Captain – what's it going to be like after the pandemic?

» Getting the bells and tower fit for ringing

» Lockdown learners – a successful return to the tower

» Planning for recovery – for you to produce your own plan


Planning for recovery

» The Recovery Champion network

» I'm a Guild or Branch Officer what's it going to be like after the pandemic?

» A ringing survey – why and how

» Successful PR – engaging with the community

The recovery – coming back better

» Teacher refresher courses

» Recruitment and retention – planning for success

» Lapsed ringers – reaching, persuading, succeeding

» Teaching bell handling

» Teaching foundation skills

» Ringing clusters – the what, the why, and the how

» Youth ringing to be developed

» Blended learning to be developed


Survival and Recovery

» Issue 1 – December 2020
» Issue 2 – January 2021
» Issue 3 – February 2021
» Issue 4 – March 2021
» Issue 5 – April 2021
» Issue 6 – June 2021

Tower Talk

» October 2020
» December 2020
» March 2021

What's happening

» Virtual Ringing Hub

Latest ringing guidelines

» CCCBR guidelines

Where can I get help?

» Useful contacts and links

This toolbox is provided by the CCCBR and ART. The toolbox was put together by:

Lesley Belcher
Vicki Chapman
Annie Hall
Alison Hodge
David Kirkcaldy
Matt Lawrence
Simon Linford
Pip Penney
David Sparling

We'd like to thank the many people who've contributed articles, videos and stories to the toolbox.