Recruitment and retention

It's inevitable that some ringers won't return to ringing after the pandemic and if your band is a bit short you might want to consider attracting and training some new recruits.

Recruitment and retention resources

We've pulled together a host of ideas, stories and tips into one set of resources. Why not take a look and develop your own ten-point recruitment and retention plan, based on your tower, your ringers and your community that will meet your band's aspirations.

» Recruitment and retention resources

Ideas and inspiration

Wondering where to start, or what you can do while tower bell ringing is still restricted? Have a look through these Ringing World articles for ideas and inspiration.

Many thanks to Ringing World for permission to reproduce the articles.

Recruitment and retention workshops

ART and the Central Council have developed a recruitment and retention workshop that introduces you to lots of ideas and guides you through building your personal recruitment and retention plan, whether for your band or your local branch or district. Find out what has worked for others and the pitfalls to avoid.

The workshop can be delivered virtually or as a physical event.

Physical workshops

The location and dates of one-day physical workshops will obviously depend on how the pandemic unwinds across the country, but we will try our best to meet everyone's needs. If you're interested in attending or organising one in your local area, contact the Denise if you'd like to join one of these workshops.

Online workshop

We are starting to develop an online version of the workshop on the online learning portal. The workshop will be a mix of video presentations, slide shows and facilitated discussion groups. If you're interested in taking part in one of these online workshop please express your interest with Denise, ART Resources Administrator.

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Publicity Materials

Want to create a poster or a leaflet, but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you're planning an open day and would like some big banners to attract attention. The Central Council has a range of publicity materials for you to use, including downloadable templates, and banners and flags that can be borrowed for events.

» Publicity materials

Virtual Tower Tour

Tower open days are a popular recruitment tool. Why not create your own virtual tower tour? Download the template slides and guidance notes to get started.

» Create your virtual tower tour