Recruitment and Retention

These recruitment and retention resources guide you through the recruitment process. They start by asking the question, what do you want to achieve rather than with what you are going to do. Only when you have answered this question do they move onto thinking about what type of people you would like to recruit and how you’re going to recruit them.

The recruitment toolbox allows you to planning for success and covers all the important things they need to be considered. It is a four page word document that guides you through the recruitment process, asking questions and suggesting help. Completely editable so that you can design your own recruitment plan.

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Planning for success – the important things to consider

1. Raising awareness

Engaging with the church and community

2. What do you want to achieve?

Starting a band from scratch

3. Who to recruit – the pros and cons

Who to recruit – the pros and cons

4. What are you going to do?

What gets people into the tower the first time?

Lots of ideas!!!

What has worked – stories from teachers and their ringers

Getting new recruits through the door

5. Publicity

The social media thing

6. The event itself

Holding a successful recruitment event

7. The follow-up

The follow-up – keep it personal, make it quick

First impressions are everything – welcoming people to your tower and band

Keeping everybody happy

8. Intensive training

Intensive training – why, what and how

What do your new recruits expect?

To charge or not to charge?

9. Retaining your new ringers

Keeping your new ringers interested – through foundation skills and early change ringing

Why do ringers enjoy ringing?

Learning in groups

How long does it take to learn to ring?

10. Making recruitment work for everyone in the band

Making recruitment work for everyone in the band

Teacher burn-out

A very popular practice – when your tower starts to get too crowded

These resources

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RW articles

» The why, what and the how

» Preparing the ground - raising awareness

» Getting new recruits through the (virtual) door

» Keeping everybody happy

» Key messages

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ART Awards

Every year the ART Awards recognise people and groups who are leading best practice and innovation in the teaching and development of ringing. They are open to everyone, not just ART Members or those using the ‘Learning the Ropes’ scheme.

Why not have a look at some of the previous award winners and consider applying for yourself, your band or a teacher who is doing great things?