Online Teaching Forum - June12

We are hosting the fifth online teaching forum on Sunday 12 June at 19.30. It will start with a 15-minute presentation by Nick Brett , one of the ART Tutors. Nick will try to demystify assessments, covering topics such as:

  • What really happens at an assessment.
  • What the assessor is looking for.
  • The role of the mentor.
  • How to progress if the mentor, teacher relationship isn't what it should be.

The presentation will be followed by open discussion in themed breakout rooms.

This is part of an occasional series of online teaching forums, covering a variety of topical subjects. Discussions in the break-out room are varied. They are partly problem-solving sessions, however, people seem to have most enjoyed the breakout rooms in which they could discuss their ideas, problems and frustrations in a safe space. As someone said: “Just chatting has been a great motivator.”

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