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It’s yet another edition of Tower Talk in a world with very little ringing going on, and so again we hope we are bringing you encouragement and fellowship, with articles from around the world as ringers adapt to the restrictions in place. Ringing is being missed by ringers and non-ringers alike, and we must remember that we are all custodians of a historic and unique tradition. With this in mind, I asked Simon Linford, President of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, for his message:

“Bell ringers everywhere have been coming to terms with the restrictions placed on us. We are currently limited in England to 15 minutes of socially distanced ringing, which is leaving most towers only able to ring three or maybe four bells. Sadly, these restrictions, and particularly not being allowed close contact, are often going to exclude the least experienced ringers from participating – those who are probably missing ringing the most. Ringing Room and Ding are managing to fill the gap to some degree, but there’s nothing like the real thing! When we do get back to some sort of normal, we will no doubt have lost some of the more experienced of our number, and newer ringers, fresh with enthusiasm and ideas, will be even more welcome than they ever were. Hang on in there!”

This is the 17th edition of Towertalk, so if you’re really stuck, there are 14 back copies you can catch up on!

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Alongside its regular features, this edition of Tower Talk includes:

  • Learning to Love Call
  • Who Knew there was So Much to Learn
  • The Rewards of a Ringing Life
  • Puzzle Corner
  • The Strictly Basic Ringing Room
  • Hannah’s Hymn
  • Getting ‘Match Fit’
  • Ringing with Pens – lesson 2
  • A New Way of Connecting
  • Lovely New Bells – but Where’s the Tower?
  • A Year Full of Surprises
  • Ringing Room Ropesight
  • Ringing Room – Lack of Ropesight!
  • ‘Niet Plooien’
  • ART Awards 2021
  • Answers to puzzles
  • From Ropesight to Rambling

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Ruth Suggett
Editor, Tower Talk


Ruth Suggett, Editor