M1: 18 June 2022 - Penrith

How was one day going to convert me, from a rather scared 'how on earth do you do it' student, into a person who could start to teach straight away? Not possible - but I now believe it is possible with the help of a day course from ART on Bell Handling.

We began with a simple exercise moving arms up and down a stationary rope to mimic the real movement, a brilliant simple thing I wish I had started with. And then the student (fellow ringer) was handling the sally only, feeling the tension and exerting weight to slowly ring the bell upwards with the teacher (me) on the tail end, trying to find the words to talk reassuringly, whilst watching and correcting in a gentle encouraging way. Straightaway I was working in a pair doing that - teaching!

As the day progressed I did begin to loose sight a bit of where we started and the exercises got more tricky as we moved on to ringing down but the onus is on me to read the literature, use the ART website, practice with my mentor and be brave and launch myself into teaching.

Lynne Sydes

Course Tutor: Christine Richardson

Teaching Bell Handling

Practical advice for teachers, right from the first lesson.

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