The social media thing

There is a lot of talk about social media as a means of getting people into towers and increasing awareness of ringing in the local community.

If social media isn’t quite your thing, why not delegate this to a member of the band who “gets it” and has the time required to do it properly?

What is social media?

We are social creatures and social media is just another way for us to communicate with each other. All ages use Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat which has taken over from texting. For younger generations, it’s second nature, they communicate with each other on a minute by minute basis, blowing out of the water the stale old clichés about non-engagement.

Youngies, middlies and oldies all connecting if they want to. And if you don’t … that’s fine too, sometimes such shifts in the way things are done don’t sit well at first. When phones were invented people probably said “Why would I use a phone when I can write a letter? It’s worked for centuries!” And then … “Why would I email when I can phone the person?” And now … “Why Facebook or Tweet someone when I can email them?”

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How to guides

If you’re new to social media here are some quick guides to get you started:

Twitter for bell ringers
Facebook for bell ringers

How to use Twitter
How to make a Twitter account
How to make a new Facebook account
How to create a new Facebook group
How to create a Facebook fan page
How to make a YouTube Account
How to set up a website

Social media flyer

If you need to explain why and how to use Facebook to a social media novice then this 2-page tri-fold flyer could be just right for the job.

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New recruits via Facebook

Looking for new recruits to strengthen our band, we posted on the Facebook Village Noticeboard page. We got 2 responses, both from adults between 35-55 so perfect recruits in that respect (in my opinion anyway). It looks like these notice boards have a lot of traffic (ours is around 1250 users) so very little effort and zero expense.

Nick Hiams

Social media for recruitment

One of our key objectives is to promote and teach the art of change-ringing in our area. We had noticed that we receive a steady stream of enquires through the internet from people wishing to find out more. We set about seeing how we could increase the stream of enquiries and make ourselves more effective at tapping into this source of new ringers.

Roger Booth

What's next?

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