Novice Change Ringer

When you move onto ringing a method inside, a number of new challenges present themselves:

  • Where do I start
  • How to learn circles of work
  • Longer more complex blue lines
  • Passing the treble
  • Calls

The screen diagrams help explain some of these concepts and using simulators allows you to gain familiarity with these new challenges.

Practise at home on a laptop or in the tower with a silenced bell ensures open practice is used most effectively.

Plain course: you can practise alone, pressing a key on the keyboard, or on a bell or dumb bell and ring any inside bell.

Touches: once you have mastered the plain course, you can then practise ringing touches.

Calling: you can practise getting used to saying go and stop and experiment with calls before trying it for real. You can also print out the touches that you have called to see the effect of the calls.

Theory: blue line, order of work, starts, passing the treble, the grid, seeing what happens at calls. What you see on the screen and experience using is a great way to understand what methods are all about.


Novice Change Ringer

Ringing and calling touches of a doubles or minor method. Demonstrated by ringing a quarter peal inside. Raising and lowering a bell in peal.

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