Recovery Champions

What is a Recovery Champion?

As the pandemic continues, towers, branches and guilds are starting to plan for a successful return to ringing. In the face of such a challenge it seems sensible to share ideas and where necessary pool resources to make this return as successful as possible. Obviously, we will have to wait a while longer for any significant return to start, so it’s not just about planning for the future but also focusing on the now – staying in contact with people and maintaining their interest in ringing.

To coordinate the flow of ideas and information, the Central Council and Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) have offered to coordinate a network of Recovery Champions across the country who will focus on recovery planning within the local area. They won’t necessarily be the people doing all the work or dealing with mailing lists; but they will be in the best position to know how that could work in their local area.

Please consider becoming a Recovery Champion if you're planning activity in your local area. Networking with others will give you ideas, help and support – you don't have to do it all yourself. We have asked Guilds and Associations to nominate people who will be good Champions, however particularly for the larger ringing societies it might well be that Champions will work best at Branch level or even smaller than that.

The Recovery Champions will have access to a range of tools and contacts to help them meet the needs of their local area. It’s all free and available to be shared with individual Tower Captains, churches and ringers.

If you think this initiative will be helpful to you and ringers around you, please contact Annie Hall who is coordinating the Recovery Champions.

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Find your nearest Recovery Champion

By 22 April 2021, 129 people had volunteered to become Recovery Champions – some of whom are indicated on this map. If you can't find your local Recovery Champion on the map then please contact Annie Hall and she will be able to match you up.

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