Code of Practice for ART Members


The aim of the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) is to instruct those who are interested in bell ringing to become proficient in the skill themselves whilst making every effort to protect personal safety and well-being particularly when those under instruction are young people or vulnerable adults.

The Association and/or its Members organise educational and recruitment events and when teaching bell handling the ART Training Scheme is used which allows handling to be taught in a structured and safe way.

Code of Practice

ART Members will:-

  • Teach safely. Consider safety issues at all times, advise learners of risks and teach in a safe way.
  • Continually develop. Continue to learn and develop teaching skills
  • Be professional and collaborative. Approach all teaching in a professional way and initiate or contribute to group teaching schemes where possible
  • Use Learning the Ropes. Register all ringers on SmART Ringer and use Learning the Ropes to include the techniques of skill development.
  • Be an ambassador for teachers of change ringing

Last Modified: January 2016

Last Reviewed: January 2017