ART Conference presentations


The St Clement's project – Barry Johnson

Teaching with unusual methods – David Smith

The trials, tribulations and triumphs of a village tower captain – Matt Lawrence

Diversity in ringing... woke or what? – Chris Sharp

Building resilience and breaking habits – Jen Saunders

Giving effective feedback – Paul Lewis

The LtR Call Change scheme – Clare McArdle

Teaching theory from day one – Andrew Brown

The Essex way – Andrew Kelso


Mountains of the mind – Bonita Norris

Taking striking seriously – Richard Grimmett

Starting a band from scratch – Ginette Pardoe

Striking it right – Colin Newman

The Learning the Ropes Festival – Nikki Thomas and Ruth Suggett

Activating Dorset – Jane Pridmore

Maintaining motivation – Mark Plater

The Social Media Toolkit – Emily Ashton, Deb Baker and Alison Everett

What would TripAdvisor say about your tower? – Alison Hodge and Tony Crabtree


Ringing in Worcester – The Future – Mark Regan

Why I refuse to be called an 'Instructor': the differences between instructing, teaching and coaching – Matt Bulbeck

The Mancroft Ringing Discovery Centre – Simon Rudd

Leadership – Managing and Motivating the Team – Ian and Louise Wilson

Marketing or teaching? Behind the scenes of Adult Education – Jennie Higson and Giles Willson

LtR Plus and Pickled Eggs – Simon Linford and Clare McArdle

Volunteers, Safeguarding and the CofE – Andrea Watkins

Insurance and Bell Ringing: What you need to know – Marcus Booth

Regional networks - revitalising ringing – Roger Booth, Matt Lawrence and Don McLean

A Vision for the Future of Youth Ringing – David Hull

Putting Girls in the Lead: How Girlguiding Does it – Fiona Joines

Successful leaders and the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme – Christopher O’Mahony

Parental Involvement: What can we Learn from other Activities – Pip Penney

Different ages, different approaches – David Smith


Brumdingers: the story of Moseley’s ringing group for kids – Simon Linford

Why I refuse to be called an 'Instructor': The differences between instructing, teaching and coaching – Matt Bulbeck

Engaging with young ringers: steps to success – Colin Parker

Developing youth teams – Linda Garton and John Loveless

Differences in learners and flexible teaching approaches – Veronica Downing

Positive PR: ‘how to’ guide for towers and societies – Caroline Stockmann and Kate Flavell

Small is beautiful: tales from ART Teaching Centres and Hubs – Vinni Sullivan & Ruth Suggett

Why do ringers keep ringing? – Pip Penney

Simulator day: software presentation – Roger Booth

Simulator day: hardware presentation – Steve Farmer and Tony Croft


Ringing Culture: Help or Hindrance? – Elva Ainsworth

Engaging your Stakeholders – Mark Regan

Igniting the Spark: Lessons from Devon – Leslie Boyce

Recruitment: The Holy Grail – Moira Johnson

ART Assessors - The Key to Quality – Paul Lewis

Group Teaching & Working Together – Lesley Belcher

Teaching at Denmisch – Ian Campbell

How to Teach Handbells – Helen McGregor & Duncan Loweth

What's New from ART – Graham Nabb