Recruitment posters

Here are some PowerPoint examples of recruitment posters which you might wish to edit and print out for local use. Or they could just give you some ideas for your own design.

Be concise

Don’t make the text too wordy. A poster should be something people can read and understand in just a few seconds.

Include contact details

If you are advertising an event on a specific date, include your contact details for people who are interested but just can’t make that date. Consider something along the lines of "If this date is not convenient, please contact us to arrange a session."

Be specific

Think about the type of ringers you are trying to attract. Young, adults, retired people, Church congregation? Think what aspect of ringing is likely to appeal to them and design your poster to give that message.

Be a good citizen

If you put posters up all over your village for a specific date, don’t forget to take them down again. Out of date, fading posters don’t look good.

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